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❝ I love the relationship between Anya and Clarke, and I love that we’re going to put those two together at the beginning of Season 2. Remember, Anya’s in Mount Weather, as well. ❞

Jason Rothenberg on The 100 S2 (x)
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❝ I had my eyes on Octavia for quite a while, but sometimes you just got to move on. Jasper might have a bit of a love interest this season, and she’ll be there in the first episode. There’s going to be a girl that suits Jasper’s fancy. ❞

— Devon Bostick (on Jasper’s love life future)
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OK, so if both Bellamy and Finn survive, which one will Clarke be most excited to see again?

Sorry, shippers, even Taylor can’t help you with this one. “It’s not very clear to me where her loyalties lie more, ” she says, confessing that even she has asked the show’s writers about the triangle. Still, she’s OK with the slow build. “I like that they didn’t jump right into a storyline where she’s suddenly in love.”

The 100 | TV Guide - Comic Con Special (x)

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I don’t share. I don’t. [x]
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The cast at Comic Con so far

"you did good here Bellamy"

"you did good here Bellamy"

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Lost // The 100

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all of us have a secret
all of us are guilty
all of us are lost

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