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Aislinn Paul & Devon Bostick

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Come vote for The 100 for favorite summer show! :) [x]

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❝ Bob is such a big guy and Eliza is such a little thing, but she would get right in his face and they’d go at it yelling at each other. Part of it is they are such old friends. They are really comfortable with each other. ❞

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This is possibly the greatest thing I’ve seen all day.


This is possibly the greatest thing I’ve seen all day.

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I still can’t get over the fact Finn told Clarke to not trust Bellamy (and his plans) and Clarke didn’t blink and yelled: “I trust him!”
That was such an important scene. I can’t ok.

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Top 15 Bellarke moments in season 1 (as voted by our followers)
10. “Our princess has that effect.”
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Fans really take to heart every look or every scene really has meaning, so we are incredibly careful with what we write and the actors are incredibly careful to really act those moments. Even just one or two little looks add up [and], when you get to that final scene, you feel this connection between the two of them" x

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